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Pre-order cancelled!

Launching soon!

Fully hosted & managed affordable website solution

Great for students, organizations and small businesses who need a simple online presence

Held back by your current DIY site builder? Having trouble editing your site, or dealing with an unresponsive developer? Having difficulty navigating hosting, domains and setting up your own site with WordPress (or other software)? I’m starting my own hosted WordPress platform that solves these problems and then some! I plan to start setting up my platform either in March, April or June – depending on other things happening in my offline life, with completion shortly after July 4th! Also if the pre-installed designs don’t meet your need I can create a custom one for an additional fee!

You can see a sample of one of the 100+ designs that are prepared and primed for use within the turnkey system! Don’t worry, a drag & drop page editor will be available for use!

The plans will range from free to around $50 to $100 per year for premium plans with the option to pay monthly, quarterly or annually. I will provide a few add-ons options at a fair price as well. There will be more details to come, but first I need to back all existing sites up and start it over from scratch.

Free plans will be limited to 250 Mb storage space for your photos. If you must use videos I ask that you upload to youtube or similar then embed. 

I have renewed the website address! Once I pay down my credit card debt I’ll secure 12 months hosting renewal for free transfer of the .com address. When I get the annual summer refund I’ll be paying for the single network 1 yr version WP Ultimo and Nicepage ultimate premium on discount for using Artisteer & Themler.

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