I’m fighting off a combo of bronchitis and sinus infection 2 weeks after recovering from stomach flu symptoms. I’ve done steam inhalation, saline, humidifier + zicam and still wound up in urgent care since I was so sick, then better, then sick again. Was supposed to be on Claritin-D but pharmacy gave me Alavert 12 hr instead and it’s making me feel hungover so I’m in no shape to take on new projects until March, sorry. I’m going to use up the box I did open (have a second box of it) and stop to see how I’m feeling in about a week. If I still need something I’ll look at Xyzal since I tried it and it worked without making me feel worse. I usually have some trouble with decongestants because of my lifelong thyroid problem, then again I didn’t want to need antibiotics again either.

I’ll be starting the VPS this coming weekend and will play with it until I’m comfortable enough to move the turnkey sites to it. I’ll be doing a lot of work on the tech & back-end of that and complete it shortly after July 4th to launch in mid-late July!