These are the very same steps I use personally to get client sites up & running! I highly recommend WordPress as it is very user-friendly and lots of resources all over the internet. I have linked in the most helpful docs available. Don’t forget to check plugins for an easy page builder, security and so on. If at any point you get lost you may contact me or hosting support. Or if you are unsure you may wait for my turnkey site platform coming this summer.

  1. Set up your own hosting account
  2. If you’ve paid for your hosting account simply activate your free .com – if not you can choose whether to purchase one where you feel most comfortable (GoDaddy, Frozen Peach Hosting etc)
  3. Once you have set up your hosting and domain you may now install WordPress (or other system) with the easy installer provided
  4. If you want a different look you can get another design from my store
  5. Follow the process here to add your custom design