First of all, thank you! I decided to offer the hosting I’m using myself, personally, as a reseller. I’ve been very satisfied with the uptime, support staff and the capabilities within my own shared business plan. I’m sure I’ll be upgrading to at least semi-dedicated as my turnkey system takes off eventually. Anyway here’s how to sign up for your own Frozen Peach Hosting account and if you begin with the free hosting you may upgrade at any time in 2020 to personal for just $9.99 with your own .com (or alternate) web address! Just follow the arrow cursors then on the real site don’t forget to click and fill out the information. Be sure to save your confirmation email as you’ll need the unique ID number! Unlike the DIY builders and my turnkey platform, any other individual website requires hosting and a domain name and then installation or upload of the website files. So proceed with how to install a website.