Unlike DIY builders and the turnkey platform, individual websites require hosting and a domain. You set this up when you registered for the hosting account, so now you can install your actual website! If you want a different style proceed to that Doc (coming soon).

  1. Login to your control panel
  2. Click the Zacky Installer from the dashboard
  3. Click the green button to select your preferred system (for this example I install WordPress)
  4. Select the domain (address.com) you prefer from the drop menu, or add a free subdomain as shown
  5. Click the tile you want to install (e.g WordPress etc)
  6. Click the Proceed to step 2 button
  7. After installation completes you should see the success screen
  8. Check your email address for your login link (this is how you edit your website, install a design etc)
  9. Congrats, you now have a starter website up and running! You will need to login and make the changes within the admin dashboard.