I’ve learned that I don’t need a dental check up until June (hopefully just the 1 visit this year), so I’m now planning to open Feb 10th for a few new projects! I still have some paperwork etc in my way at the moment.

Due to notice today of a repeat inspection by the city in 2 weeks as well as renewal paperwork coming along any day, dentist appt (yet to schedule), meeting a new therapist in early Feb and so on I am sorry to say I will be unavailable for a few more weeks. I want to get past these stressors first before I deal with burnout. I also want to give any new client work my full attention and I overwhelm easily (as if you haven’t noticed before).

I was planning to reopen on the afternoon of Monday, January 13th but with everything I still need to do before I fly I’ve decided to delay. I will be taking time off while away since I’ll need to reconnect with my southern family & friends in person. My thyroid is doing fine on the current dose so no need to check it again for a whole year. Hoping to have a good dental check up once I get that scheduled!

I will be adding more Docs asap so if you try to get started and nothing helps please contact me and if I have a spare moment I’ll try to help. I’ll be rebuilding my turnkey sites this summer when the debt has dropped and the budget has improved. I will soon be removing the existing sandbox demo site since I intend on using a different drag & drop page maker entirely. It won’t return until the rebuild is under way.