Just an FYI if you’re looking for me to outsource work or need work, sorry. Don’t bother me with SEO, app development or anything else, especially from outisde the USA! I don’t need it and my small clients don’t either. I use the Yoast SEO plugin which costs nothing because that is my existing budget. I’m not a pushy or aggressive sales person, I’m simply here to help.

Other than the reseller hosting (which comes with a rock solid awesome support team backing it) I’m capable and willing to handle the workload I already have which is mostly maintenance at this point. Due to the autism I’m otherwise unemployed and this gives me purpose and helps fill a void with income, time etc. I am intent on building a WordPress platform with my own designs as a low cost alternative.

I may offer referral incentives for the store of designs & photos, but nothing more. Also I don’t believe in charging for account registration, only what you need or want to buy! Also if you purchase a premium hosting plan you’ll also get a deal on any premium photo, design, or bundle!