I’m taking some downtime into mid-January as I have 2 appointments already booked within the first 2 weeks, and that’s weather permitting. On New Year’s Eve/Day I will be activating a sale on personal hosting that will last all year long. If you start with the Free plan you may upgrade for just $9.99 for the full first year! Plus you still get the 30 day money back guarantee!

Due to the planned rebuild of my turnkey website platform I will be limiting other new work (both clients & their projcts) for 2020, and only sporadically when I have the time & energy. I already have a handful of separate client sites I still need to maintain and my own, too. The platform will take up a lot of time & energy to set up properly. I will have to install 100+ designs, needed plugins, testing and so on. I’m hoping the platform will be successful in the long run, at least more so than my trying to sell hosting, designs, photos etc.